Hi, I’m Keith Fenimore...

I’m guinea pigging myself for the sake of a social and traditional media experiment, a commentary of sorts on our information culture, in an attempt to become The Most Recognized Person in America!

The success or failure of my experiment will lie squarely on my ability to garner attention in the form of people, millions of people, seeing my face, for no good reason whatsoever!

This experiment is not attached to a scandal -- I’m not selling anything -- I don’t desire fame or celebrity -- This is not charity driven -- you don’t even need to like me... you just need to see my face!  Is it possible to go from complete obscurity to The Most Recognizable Person in America?

My approach was to use a single piece of press in the “Philadelphia Inquirer” to launch the experiment and use that buzz to catapult the project.  In success, I’d spark a domino effect among the masses through social media and the press to attract face recognition.


By visiting my site, you’ve put me one person closer to reaching my goal, thank you.  Your interest has been RECOGNIZE and is appreciated! 

Visit my HELP section to learn what you can do to help spread my face!

Keith Fenimore

An unknown guys mission to become

“The Most Recognized Person in America”...

for no good reason!